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Its something behind the scenes, something that patients don’t give a second thought about, but its an essential part of modern day practice management, I am talking of our Patient Management System.

We’ve been using Medtech32 for many years, it is a mainstay for myriad of clinics around NZ, and it has served us well but the time has come for a change. Our new system, Indici, will provide us with easier access to patient information, as well as access to external providers and specialists, plus an improved patient portal.
Our current portal will be disabled on Friday night, and an invite will be sent to all enrolled patients on Monday with a link to the new patient portal.
We will be operating a little different for one week, just whilst our staff all get to grips with the new system, its different processes and how it presents patient information, we have allowed for a few more gaps in the appointment books to allow for learning and catchups , but we should be back to full speed the following week.
Its been a journey so far, and we are nearly there, it is an exciting change for us as we head into 2024.